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about me..

I'm self-taught programmer, designer and web developer from Cracow, Poland.

Programming is one of my biggest passion. My adventure related to IT started in my first job. I was involved in software and hardware in the mobile phone industry for over two years. It was also where I first encountered web development. However, my professional career suddenly changed direction to finances.

From January 2020, I decided to return to IT. My goal is to connect with my passion professionally. I am an ambitious, self-taught programmer who loves to learn. I draw my knowledge from traditional sources such as books, as well as from more modern source like bootcamps, tutorials, online course and internet forums for coders.

After gaining foundation of knowledge about web development(Html, Css, JavaScript), my learning focused on Python. Basics of Python, Object oriented programming as well as the basics of Data Science, the Pygame library and the Django framework.

Presently my favorite programming language is JavaScript. Both from the front-end Js and frameworks like(React.js, Next.js) and the server side, backend (Node.js, Express). My stronger side is currently the front-end, but I am doing my best to balance my knowledge and I am also focusing on learning the back-end (Node.js, Express, mongoDB)

My dream and goal, in the near future is to create useful web and mobile applications, based on JavaScript language (Next.js, React.js, React Native) as well as expand my knowledge, experience, towards the full stack JavaScript developer.

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skills & bootcamps

Programming languages, frameworks and technologies, Python


Hmtl 5 and CSS3, Sass/Scss, Bootstrap 5 and Tailwindcss, Adobe XD, Git, Github, devtools(firefox, chrome)

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Programming languages, frameworks and technologies, Python


Vanilla JavaScript, Node.js & Express, mongoDB, React.js, Next.js

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Programming languages, frameworks and technologies, Python


Python, Django, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, Seaborn,

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Python(Pandas), JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Next.js

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